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online since  2014-06-12
online since  2014-06-12
The rising tide A fim by Robert Andanto
The Rising Tide The scene of the greatest economic and cultural metamorphosis of our time, China is not only at the center of the world’s ...Read more
online since  2014-06-12
interview of Chen Chieh-Jen
interview of Chen Chien-jen on his different works view...  ...Read more
online since  2012-11-04
an interview with Guo Xiao Yan chief curator of UCCA in beijing
UCCA presents: Our Future: The Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation Collection. The exhibition will display a significant selection of the contemporary ...Read more
online since  2012-11-04
The immense metropolis of Shanghai has a sci-fi tinge, thick with smog and traffic, its skyline dotted with random bits of showpiece architecture. Wit...Read more
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A visit to Saatchi's exhibition on chinese contempoary art exhition
watch...Read more
online since  2008-12-07
Pauline Yao 's blog
Pauline Yao is a curator, writer, and winner of "best critic" at the Chinese Contemporary Art Awards, (CCAA). Based in Beijing and San F...Read more
online since  2008-12-04
very interesting blog See...Read more
online since  2008-11-26
SAATCHI: The Exhibition
See...Read more
online since  2008-11-06
Pearl Lam: letter to a french artist
Editorial Note: “We Are the World,” an installation created by the Shanghai-based video artist Qiu Anxiong, was exhibited at Pear Lam`s Co...Read more
online since  2008-11-05
Fan Di’an interview
Fan Di’ An, the museum director of the National Art Museum of China   (NAMOC) exclusively revealed to the Art Newspaper that the Chinese ...Read more
online since  2008-11-05
Karen Smith interview
Karen Smith is a Beijing based expert on contemporary Chinese art, and has lived in Beijing since the early 1990s. Currently she splits her activities...Read more
online since  2008-10-14
Stuck with Saatchi By James Westcott
Huge lines, red-carpet swagger and happy-papping, the promise of glitzy, attention-grabbing art and the worthy atmosphere of democratisation (the &quo...Read more
online since  2008-10-11
The stuff of people’s prayers and dreams
Charles Saatchi’s inaugural exhibition at his new gallery in Chelsea, The Revolution Continues, is the most persuasive showing of contemporary C...Read more
online since  2008-10-11
Zendai museum by Susan Moore
Food for China’s soul By Susan Moore Published: October 11 2008 02:09 | Last updated: October 11 2008 02:09 function floatContent(){var...Read more
online since  2008-10-08
Saatchi opening
a video from the BBC of the opening See...Read more
online since  2008-10-08
Saatchi opening 2
other images of the opneing show See...Read more
online since  2008-09-24
A classroom blog, on contemporary art and new media in relation to China, with focus on Shanghai
A classroom blog, on contemporary art and new media in relation to China, with focus on Shanghai. Managed by NYU in Shanghai Contemporary Art & Ne...Read more
online since  2008-09-18
Interview with Mr. Cheng from Xin Dong Cheng Gallery
This is an interview with Mr. Cheng from Xin Dong Cheng Gallery in Beijing and Paris. AfN: Dear Mr. Cheng, you just did a book present...Read more
online since  2008-08-02
Wu Shanzhuan's solo exhibition at the Guangdong Art Museum in collaboration with Inga Thorsdottirx
GZ show A GZ show B...Read more
online since  2008-08-02
The Color of Money
Green is good. But is it a good investment? Economist Don Thompson answers this and other questions about the art market in his much buzzed-about new ...Read more
online since  2008-07-30
China power
Excerpts from a one hour long film about the rise of Chinese contemporary art by Pia Getty. See...Read more
online since  2008-07-29
With the rapidly growing population of Internet users, many artists now utilize the Internet as a mean to both access and create artworks, which th...Read more
online since  2008-07-24
Art'S bright spark by Michelle Zhang
While  Zhang Baoquan has made millions through his passion for developing real estate, he hopes his passion for art will reap even greater reward...Read more
online since  2008-07-23
The Ullens: A Center CCTV report
The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art or UCCA is known not only for its sprawling contemporary art exhibition. UCCA is also the China's only non-prof...Read more
online since  2008-07-22
Meet China’s top collector of contemporary art
Guan Yi tells us about his plans to open a museum and sculpture park on a 16.5-acre plot of land in Beijing Guan Yi, 42, has assembled the most impor...Read more
online since  2008-07-10
The relationship between money and arts: ---- About the Status of Chinese Contemporary Art By Fang Di
Background From the beginning of the 21st century, the United States has been growing interest in Chinese contemporary art. But this power is der...Read more
online since  2008-07-10
DSL Collection Progress Report: lime' angels blog
DSL Collection Progress The DSL Collection is committed to bringing visibility to avant-garde methods and paradigms for viewing Chinese contemporar...Read more
online since  2008-07-08
The interview of Ai Weiwei
The interview: Ai Weiwei He's China's equivalent of Andy Warhol, but the artist who inspired Beijing's Olympic Stadium won't be attending the ope...Read more
online since  2008-07-03
press reportfrom the PR agency Lime Angels
  Progress Report   June 15-27, 2008       Developments   • NYU, Steinhardt interested in organizing a lec...Read more
online since  2008-06-01
‘Transcending Media’ and the Role of Contemporary Art Practices in China
‘Transcending Media’ and the Role of Contemporary Art Practices in China Thomas J. Berghuis During the autumn and winter of 2003 a g...Read more
online since  2008-05-01
Yu Deyao: An Indonesian-Chinese Collector Who Cannot Be Ignored
He is the man who bought Yue Minjun’s painting, the princess “Infanta,” for $2 million at Sotheby's auction in London in 2007. He is...Read more
online since  2008-04-30
A private research on western collectors
A private research on western collectors As China becomes more influential, it is the local avant-garde art that is the first cultural image seen by ...Read more
online since  2008-04-21
China China China China !!! Chinese contemporary art beyond the global market
China China China China !!! Chinese contemporary art beyond the global market by Regine Some choose to embrace art from China, others believe that we...Read more
online since  2008-04-14
Art and the market : a roud table in Art forum magazine
VEN AS GOLD rises and the dollar falls, the expansion of the global art market shows few signs of reversal. This growth has been characterized by incr...Read more
online since  2008-04-09