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Pearl Lam: letter to a french artist

Editorial Note: “We Are the World,” an installation created by the Shanghai-based video artist Qiu Anxiong, was exhibited at Pear Lam`s Contrasts Gallery in September 2008. About 300 pieces of small bull terriers and one giant dog constitute the exhibition. This installation exhibition was based on a dispute between several young Chinese artists and a French artist. The French artist hired the young artists to make 1,000 50 cm tall sculptures of sitting dogs, and five 3.5 meter tall dog sculptures for his project, entitled: “Lost Dog.” But many unhappy episodes occurred in the process of the production after both sides signed a contract. The workers were not paid in full; the contract was “lost” during a meeting when both sides got into a dispute. Qiu Anxiong then decided to create his own exhibition to discuss the relationships between the Chinese artists who worked as producers of the art work, and the idea of art and capitalism. Meanwhile, the French artist was outraged when he saw the exhibition. He wrote a letter to Pearl Lam, the owner of the Contrasts Gallery. What follows are the letters between them.

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