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The rising tide A fim by Robert Andanto

The Rising Tide

The scene of the greatest economic and cultural metamorphosis of our time, China is

not only at the center of the world’s attention but has arguably the most vital,

imaginative, and uncontainable art scene in the world.  The Rising Tide investigates

China’s meteoric march toward the future through the work of some of its most

talented emerging artists, whose work reflects the country’s rising influence as an

economic, political and cultural force in the global arena.In recent years, Chinese

artists, especially those

working in photography

and video, have gained

international recognition

for their powerful

works capturing the

social and aesthetic

confusion created in a

rapidly changing s

To the Chinese avant-

garde, materialism is all

pervasive, and the

dominant consumer

culture has altered

people's mentalities. 

Interestingly, their work,

influenced by Western

ideals and art practice, remains distinctly Chinese in its content and aesthetic.  society. 

Produced within the dual context of globalization and urbanization, the work of artists

Cao Fei, Xu Zhen, Yang Yong, Wang Qingsong, Chen Qiulin, Birdhead, and Zhang O

examines the collision between the present and the future, and the confusion and

ambiguity that characterize the new China. Their work is often a stunned attempt to

deal with the dynamic and tectonic forces transforming China. The Rising Tide captures

this momentous time in China’s history while exploring the work of artists, who

comment with intelligence, wit, foreboding and nostalgia.