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press reportfrom the PR agency Lime Angels


Progress Report


June 15-27, 2008






• NYU, Steinhardt interested in organizing a lecture on campus at NYU


• Developing partnership with Digicult, interested in writing review of DSL




• Eastlink Gallery: Established connection with Eastlink, interested to post “Fuck


Off” catalog on DSL website  


• Coordinating development of virtual exhibition of the collection with Jin Jiangbo


• Coordinating production of VIP DVD boxes


• Shanghai Sculpture Space interested in hosting seminar in September/October,




• Sh Contemporary: follow-up with Lorenzo Rudolf to include virtual exhibition in




• Coordinate actions to ensure inclusion of DSL Collection works in Lorenzo


Rudolf’s world exhibition


• Coordinating relations with iOnly for acquisition of archives & content,


developing a partnership


• Coordination with Dunhill for communication on Zhan Wang art piece




Media Coverage


• , Ju


Art Exit ly 2008, Printed magazine and online


• Contemporary Art Gallery Magazine, Printed monthly magazine


• iOnly, Interview of 10 major Chinese art collectors including DSL Collection.  


Consists of visual presentation of the collection, one interview, and one online


chat with live audience




Advertising, September 2008: Art Exit, iOnly, Art map (Shanghai Biennale)




Communication Tools


• Virtual Museum: A virtual museum video installation will be created by artist Jin


Jiangbo for presentation in museums, art fairs, galleries, and art centers.


DSL Collection DVD





: The DSL Collection will be presented on DVD with a


special packaging design which will be available in limited edition.  The DVD


box is designed by Vincent Dupont-Rougier and will be distributed to VIPs at art


fairs. A generally distributed DVD of the collection will also be produced in


greater quantity for distribution.


E-book: A cataloging of works represented in the collection and on the website


that can be updated to the minute and easily transferable


Advertising: DSL will purchase advertising with key media in order to increase


visibility, particularly during art fairs






• Tsinghua University Seminar Written Transcript: Written transcript of Tsinghua


University Seminar will be coming soon for distribution to universities and


among art network








Past Events


The DSL Collection keeps up-to-date on art happenings and actively seeks out


opportunities and art events to introduce the collection in person.




June 20 “Global Vision for Chinese Contemporary Art & Capital”, 1st Summit


Forum, Tsinghua University, Beijing


June 21 Gu Dexin Solo Exhibition, Shanghai Gallery of Art






June 28 "If You're Happy, Clap Your Hands", Miyuki Akiyama, Osamu Watanabe,


David Ikumi Nagasawa, Yu Yasuda, Ai Ryumon, Andrew James Art


June 28 Inaugural Exhibition, 18 Artists from China, France, South Korea, &


Japan, U Want Art


Sept 8-16 Shanghai Biennale


Sept 10-13 Sh Contemporary Art Fair






Beijing, June 19-24






June 19


Elisabeth de Brabant, Independent Art Curator & Consultant


Meg Maggio, Pekin Fine Arts, Director




June 20


Megan Connolly & KC Vienna, Art Advisors


Rosa Luosha, Art Exit


“Global Vision for Chinese Contemporary Art & Capital”, 1st Summit Forum,


Tsinghua University




June 21


Victoria Lu, Moon River MOCA, Director




June 22-24


Artists’ Studio Tours












Key Developments:




DSL met with the Dean of the Academy of Arts & Design. The seminar was very


successful with full attendance from students, art collectors, and media. Next year,


the event will be sponsored once again by DSL.






Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok


DSL met with Tang Gallery Director, Zheng Lin. Tang Gallery has a strong


network of art collectors and is interested in working with the DSL Collection.  


Owner of Art Map magazine, Tang Gallery is also planning to open a private


museum in Beijing.






DSL met with Wang Du, a Paris-based sculptor who has been very active since


the 1980s and is one of the major Chinese artists today.


DSL met with Jin Jiangbo, a multimedia artist who is represented by the DSL


Collection. The artist has exhibited at Shanghai Gallery of Art and currently has a


show at OV Gallery in Shanghai.  Jin Jiangbo will produce a Virtual Museum


video installation of the DSL Collection that is interactive.






iOnly is the foremost web portal in China for artists and people in the art industry


and an international source for Chinese art. iOnly will review DSL Collection.


They have a comprehensive collection or archives on Chinese art starting from


1979.  DSL Collection will continue to build relations with iOnly and work


towards acquiring these archives to put on the DSL website.  










Art blogs!E22D135B0E62DA13!1198.entry




















The DSL Collection actively networks among art professionals, educators, and online


apparatuses. Until now, the following contacts and opportunities for partnership have


been established and introduced to the DSL Collection.  






China Academy of Arts; Shanghai Institute of Design; Donghua University; East Normal


China University; East China University of Science & Technology, Art, Design & Media;


Fudan University, Visual Arts; Jiaotong University School of Media & Design; Nanjing


Art Academy; Shanghai Normal University Art Institute; Shanghai Theater Academy,


Creation Institute; Tongji Univerisity, International Media Art Center, Communication &


Art School






Bingham Arts Academy; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Pratt Institute;


Princeton; Stanford Institute for Creativity & Arts; University of California, Berkeley,


Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium; University of Leiden, Sinological Institute;


New York University, Harvard University, University of Wisconsin, Oxford University,


Rhode Island School of Design, University of Toronto










Yale Club of Beijing; Asia Society; Dynamic City Foundation; Netherlands China Arts


Foundation; Asia Art Archive, Red Mansion Foundation






Art + Shanghai; Eastlink; Hong Merchant; IFA Gallery; Louis Lannoo Gallery;


Marlborough; Pekin Fine Arts; Serpentine Gallery; Shin Hwa Gallery; Crossing Art;


Andrew James Art; Shanghai Gallery of Art; Contrasts Gallery; Shanghart Gallery; Tang


Contemporary, Fuxin Gallery, Galleria Dell’Arco, OV Gallery






APNC; Dunhill; Pepsi; General Motors, Strategy & Design Department






Groninger Museum; Hammer Museum; Shanghai Sculpture Space; Moon River Museum


of Contemporary Art; Today Art Museum; Mudam Luxembourg; Shanghai Duolun


Museum of Modern Art; Victoria Albert Museum; National Art Museum of China;


Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive




*Art Centers


Beijing Creative Center; 1933; Ke Center; Mori Arts Center






Hong Kong Art Fair; Sh Contemporary; Singapore Biennale 2008; Shanghai Biennale;


Shanghai Fine Jewellery & Arts Fair; Multimedia Art Asia Pacific; Shanghai eArts








artnewsblog,,,,,,,, newyorker Andrea Scott’s art blog,,,, Vanity Fair culture


blog,,,,,,, 3c Creative network blog








*Media;; Art Asia Pacific; BluInc/Adkom; Chinese Contemporary Art


News; Icon Publishing House; The Art Newspaper; Yishu; Art Map; Visual Production;


A Prior Magazine; Aesthetica; After Art News; All; Art Cal; Art China; Art Exit; Art


Bistro; DigiMag; Art Daily; Art Expo; Art in Culture; Art iT; Art Now; Art on Paper; Art


Papers; Art Value; Artnet;; Arts & Opinion Magazine; Arts Journal; Artworld;


Artzine; Asian Art Newspaper; Beaux Arts Magazine; Bomb Magazine; China Visual;; Creative Time; Culture vulture; Culturekiosque; DB Art Mag; Flash Art


Online; Frieze Magazine; Home Idea; Juxtapoz; LaxArt; Neocollective; Neterotopia;


New York Arts Magazine; Open Magazine; Oriental Art; Small Swords Magazine; Spike


Art Magazine; The Parkett; Hurun Report, 2D Magazine, Aesthetica magazine, Alarm


magazine, Art and Invetment Magazine, Art Critical Magazine, Art Cal, Art Asia


Specific Magazine, Art Culture, Art Daily, Art Elite Online Magazine, ArtbabyArt,


Artdish, Art Forum, Artkrush, Artmaz, Artnet, Artron, Arts Editor, Art-signal Magazine,


Artsy Mag, Artworld, Asian Art, Axis Web, Beautiful Decay, Circa Magazine, Coagula,


Contemporary Magazine, Cool Hunting, E-Flux, Electronic Arts Intermix, Get it Louder,


Giant Robot, Guerilla Innovation, Hi-Fructose, Identity Theory, Index Magazine,


Intersection Magazine, Ionone Magazine, Media Kunst, Modern Painters Magazine,


Moom at Coudal, Plazm Magazine, Remo Campopiano, Saatchi Online, Tate Magazine,


The Parkett, The Standard, Wallpaper Magazine, White Fungus, White Hot magazine,


Xtra Magazine, Universes in Universe, The 1 and only artzine




*Opinion Leaders


Elisabeth de Brabant, Artistic Director of 1933


Jeremie Thircuir, Art Director, Art + shanghai


Ou Ning, Designer, Filmmaker, & Curator


Victoria Lu, Moon River Museum of Contemporary Art


 Meg Maggio, Pekin Fine Arts, Director


 Pippa Dennis, Eastlink Gallery


 Megan Connolly, Art Advisor


 Claire Hsu, Asia Art Archive, Executive Director


 Lorenzo Rudolf, Sh Contemporary, Fair Director


 Magnus Renfrew, Art HK, Fair Director


Nicolo Mori & Maximin Berko, Shanghai Fine Jewellery & Art Fair, President &


Vice President


Britta Erickson, Independent Curator


Laura McLean-Ferris, Independent Curator & critic


Richard Hung & Cindy Tai, APNC owners


Bao Lin, Vice Dean or Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University


Gu Zhenqing, Editor-in-Chief, Visual Production












*Content Partners


Eastlink Gallery, “Fuck Off” Exhibition Catalog


Tang Gallery, Exhibition Catalog


Shanghai Gallery of Art, Exhibition Catalog


Visual Production Magazine, Archives, Link partners


Wnmna, Link Partners


Art Lab Beijing, Link Partners




*Acquired Content




Gu Zhenqing is the Editor-in-chief of Visual Production magazine.  Also involved in the


organization of the Tsinghua University seminar, Mr. Gu is highly influential in the art


world and has worked to promote many great Chinese artists.  DSL Collection has


acquired the archives of Visual Production magazine to put on DSL website.










Art Fairs


The DSL Collection will be participating in significant art fairs and establishing an


original presence in such fairs.  These include the Sh Contemporary Fair, the Shanghai


Art Fair, the Shanghai Biennale, the Singapore Biennale, the Shanghai Fine Jewellery


and Art Fair, among others.




World Expo 2010


The DSL Collection will present a large-scale exhibition for the 2010 world expo.  DSL


Collection will be working in conjunction with Chinese universities pavilion directors


and Chinese luxury brand pavilions.




University Seminars or Lectures


Following its seminar at Tsinghua University, the DSL Collection will continue giving


lectures and taking part in seminars at Universities and education facilities throughout the


world.  Founders of the DSL Collection will speak on the new phenomena of


Experiencing Art in a Virtual World with art students, art professors, and art experts.




Opinion Leaders


DSL Collection will continue its strategic networking among Chinese opinion leaders


including businessmen, officials and dignitaries, art professionals, and cultural experts.  






DSL Collection will identify valuable co-branding opportunities to reach out to audiences


outside of the art realm as well.  These include opportunities with luxury brands or


corporations interested in collaborating with art resources to enhance brand image.  








Acquiring Content


The DSL Collection is constantly updating itself with interesting and avant-garde content,


whether through the sourcing of art works or through the acquisition of printed materials.  


Content is acquired from around the world.




Lime’ angels DUTIES


• Continue to bring more visibility to the collection in China and internationally


• Identify content to buy thru galleries, websites, blogs


• Connect with more art professionals & universities