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Interview with Mr. Cheng from Xin Dong Cheng Gallery

This is an interview with Mr. Cheng from Xin Dong Cheng Gallery in Beijing and Paris.

AfN: Dear Mr. Cheng, you just did a book presentation: a Chinese translation of the French book "Art Business" by Judith Benhamou-Huet. Why have you chosen that book to translate into Chinese? And how was the presentation?

Cheng: China is completely new in the art system. We were building the system with old artistic elements, so all this information is very very useful to help China to do its first steps towards the restauration of artists, galleries, artists, museums, auction houses...

Judith Benhamou is a French journalist, a person who has a lot of experience because she travels a lot in the world, a specialist of the art markets... I found information in her book that can be useful for China. That is why I did it [the translation] - because I think it is good, and because I see a financial chance in everything, and because I think it is very useful for the Chinese public.

AfN: So the wider Chinese audience is still not very familiar with the Western system of how the art world is organised. Why is that?
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