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Contemporary Chinese Art- another kind of view

DSL Collection

4th September, 2007, Hipic Night, Moganshan Road 50. The opening of the Hipic?s screen.

8th September, 2007 , Hipic in Lianzhou.The Alchemy of Shadows?Third Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2007.

14th January- 16th January, 2007, Hipic in Zendai, for 3 days. Intrude: Art and Life, Zendai Museum of Modern Art.

13th February- 18th February, 2007, Hipic in Arco, 27th International Contemporary Art Fair.

29th February- 31th mars, 2008
Hipic In Beijing,ShanghART Beijing, Long March Space, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing Art Now Gallery and Beijing Commune.
Multimedia installation, 105.0 x 126.0 x 20.0 cm,flatscreen, framed, internet conntection