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Contemporary Chinese Art- another kind of view

DSL Collection

Born 1973, London England.

1995 BA Art History and Film, Occidental College.
2004 MFA from Pratt Institute.

2006 Photo Review Competition Winner
2005 Selected American Photo 21
2004 Schweppes Photographic Prize
2004 Symposium. Selected by Robert Storr.
2004 Certificate of Excellence Award for Outstanding Merit in Graduate Fine Arts, Pratt Institute.
2004 Pratt Circle Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

Solo Exhibitions
2008 TBA, Shine Art Gallery, Shanghai, China
2008 TBA, Duolon Shanghai MOMA, Shanghai, China
2008 TBA, Elementa, Dubai, U.A.E.
2008 Louis Vuitton Gallery, Hong Kong
2007 Film Stills of the Mind, DF2 Gallery, Los Angeles
2007 Film Stills of the Mind, F2 Gallery, Beijing.
2006 Chinese Contemporary, Nohra Haime Gallery, New york.
2004 Upper Class; Steuben East Gallery, New York
2004 Marina Kessler Gallery, Miami
2003 Wabi Sabi; Bond 07, New York

Group Exhibitions

2008 ?Mapgames,? Gasworks, Birmingham, UK
2008 ?Mapgames?, Today Art Museum, Beijing
2006 ?Entry Gate: Chinese Aesthetics of Hetrogenity?, Moca, Shanghai
2005 ?Faceless Faces Body Files, Nohra Haime Gallery, New York
2005 ?Face and Figure,? Westport center for the Arts, Connecticut
2005 ?Il Promesse,? Galleria Arte Mexicana, Mexico City
2004 ? 2005 ?Schweppes Photographic Prize,? National Portrait Gallery, London
2004 ?Hype Gallery,? Palaids de Tokyo, Paris
2004 Summer Salon, Daniel Cooney Gallery, New York
2004 ?Summer in winter,? BQE 33
2004 ?Face to Face? curated by Allen Frame, Pratt
2004 Danny Simmon?s Corridor Gallery Show
2004 Pratt NYU Show
2003 BQE 33; The Future is Now
2003 BQE 33; Photo02
2000 NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY (London); John Kobal Exhibition
2000 ROEBLING GALLERY; Brooklyn Spice
2000 BERLIN BEINALLE; Art Club Berlin
1999 P.S.1; Criss Cross New Yorkers


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