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Contemporary Chinese Art- another kind of view

DSL Collection

1984 Born in Hangzhou, Zhejing Province
2006 Graduated from the Total Art Studio of CAA (China Academy Of Art)
Living and working in Beijing

Group Exhibitions

2010 Filter Window, Young Chinese Artists Group Exhibition,Beyond Art Space, Beijing
Red Phosphorus, Chambers Fine Art, Beijing
2009 Grey Imageries, Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand
Re-experimentation: a reaffirmation of will and enlightenment, 798
Originality Square, Metal Warehouse, Beijing
Immunity, UCCA, Beijing
2008 Self-experience Platform China, Beijing
2007 Lianzhou International Photo Festival
Why go to Tibet-Survey of Tibetan subject matter in painting, Long
March Space, Beijing
2006 New folk arts movement--The Reconstruct of the commonality living
Contemporary art Exhibition, Second Beijing
Song Zhuang Culture Art Festival, Beijing
2005 Decade of Experiential art department Exhibition, China Academy of
Art, Hangzhou, China
The Project of Total Art Hospital, Experiment in Campus, Hangzhou,
2nd Nanjing Triennial of Chinese Art, Nanjing, China

Two Kinds of Red
Red phosphorous, match sticks, 200 x 450 cm

The One Hundred Thousand Whys
Silkscreen, Phosphorous, Hand-Made Paper, 110.5 x 79 cm