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Contemporary Chinese Art- another kind of view

DSL Collection

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\?Migration, Empire, and Transformation? UCLA mellon fellowships in the Humanities, 2007
?Mapping the New Frontier? Sundance Film Festival, Utah 2007
?Sites and para-sites: networking art ? ICA, Node London 2006
?Enfant Terrible?, LOST GENDER ? The world after sexes, Hesse Art Academy, Offenbach 2006
?How I got fucked in Norway, snowed in Swiss, kissed in Paris and driven crazy by Babylove?
Transgression panel, Transmediale 2006
?Fictional installation toward WiFitopia?, l'Ecole Nationale Sup?rieure des arts decorative, 2006
?The Art and Politics of netporn?, panelist, Institute of network cultures, Amsterdam
?Dated2030? and ?BodyWorks?, Kodak lecture series, Ryerson University, Toronto, 2005
?Mobile connections?, panel,.Futuresonic 2004.
MILK (the original) (the snow)
Kingdom of Piracy
Webwork collection