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Contemporary Chinese Art- another kind of view

DSL Collection

1.Chinese Art News, May 2000, Special report on 2000 Gwangju Biennale, by Gomelan Gengis Khan, p.77, ?Catcher?, ?Prisoner?, ?Thinker?, ?Requesting Buddha No.1 and No.2?. (Color illustration)
2.Northern Fine Arts, Feb. 2001. P.67, ?New Women? (Color illustration)
3.Vision 21, Issue August 2001. ?One Person?s War?, Wang Qingsong, Imges:Another Battle Series, No.1, No.6, No. 5, No.7 and No. 8. (Color illustration)
4.Newsweek, 2002 Issue 100. Cover images ?Future?. (Color illustration)
5.That?s Beijing, May 2002. ?Run, Jump, Climb,Walk? Through hoops?. P.35, ?Past, Present and Future. (Color illustration)
6.Contemporary Art, Issue 15.- Context and Position of Gaudy Art, ?The Times make me choose myself?, pp.30-31, Computer-collage of grafting my own heads onto the pop stars?, 1997, including series of ?Our Life is Sweeter than Honey.? (Color illustration)
7.Contemporary Art. Issue 002, ?Normality and Abnormality?, Gu Zhenqing&Jin Feng. P.38, ?New Women? and ?Finding Fun?. (Color illustration)
8.Portrait Photography, January 2003, ?Irony of Gaudy Colors?, Interview of Wang Qingsong with Shi Wei. Pp.41-43. ?Past, Present and Future?, ?Knickknack Peddler?, and ?Preschool?. (Color illustration)
9.Contemporary Art, 2003.05. ?From Facing Wall to Facing Colorful World? by Dang Dan. Pp.40-41, ?Night Revels of Lao Li?. Color illustration.
10.Photo China, May 2003, From Conceptual Photography to New Photography, Shu Yang, P.29. ?New Women?. P. 33, ?Sources of New Photography?, Gu Zhenqing, ?Preschool?. ?I Choose Photography?, Wang Qingsong, P.40-41. ?Sentry Post?, ?Art Express?, ?Can I Cooperate with You??, ?Ethereal Beauty?. (Color illustration)
11.Arts Criticism, October 2003, ?About Critique?, Lin Gufang, P.79. ?Past, Present and Future?. (Black and white illustration)
12.Women of China, October 2003. Chinese Art: ?More Than Just a Vogue?, Christine Lionnet. Pp.48-49, ?Night Revels of Lao Li?. (Color illustration)
13.Photo Pictorial, Issue 465. ?Chinese Photography 360 Degrees, Satirizing the Times?, artist statement by Wang Qingsong, PP.1-10. ?Can I Cooperate with You??, ?Follow Me?, ?Prisoner?, ?Incarnation?, ?Thinker?, ?Requesting Buddha No.1?, ?Past, Present and Future?, ?New Women?, ?Preschool?, ?Bath House?, ?Romantique?, and ?Another Battle Series No.8?. (Color illustration)
14.Photo China, April 2002, ?Ridiculous Reflections?, Wang Qingsong, pp.56-59, ?Past, Present and Future , Another Battle Series No.4, No.6, No.3, No.5 and No.8?. (Color illustration)
15.Art Observation, August 2000, ?Satirizing this Society?, pp.36-37. ?Adam and Eve?, ?Our Life is Sweeter than Honey?, ?Catcher?, and ?Thinker?. (Color illustration)
16.Chinese Culture World, June 1999. p.37, ?Thinker?. (Color illustration)
17.New Weekly, Issue 227, May 2006. ?What is Dinner Appointment?? pp.28-29, ?Night Revels of Lao Li?. (Color illustration)
18.Pop Culture and Art, Zou Yuejin. Pp.136-137, ?Take up the Pen, Fight till the End, ?Requesting Buddha No.1?, ?Thinker?, ?Prisoner?. (Color illustration)
19.Chinese Photography Magazine, November 2006. ?Reflections on how to be an artist recognized internationally?? by Luo Bu. P.34, ?Night Revels of Lao Li? and ?Competition?; p.35, ?Follow Me?; p.36, ?Present?; p.37, ?Future?; p.38, ?Another Battle Series No.6?; p.39, ?Past?. Color illustration.

night Revels of Lao Li
C-Print,120* 960cm

Come Come Come
C-Print, triptych, each 170* 200cm

Yaochi Fiesta
127 x 410 cm