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Contemporary Chinese Art- another kind of view

DSL Collection

Zhen 8848-1.86 list of all elements - January, 2006

An Animal - 2006 - 3 channel video presentation- by Xu Zhen , January, 2006

Premises Lease Contract- , January, 2006

hello,I am Xuzhen (text of
video: '8848-1.86')-大家好,我是徐震, , January, 2006

Himalaya (8848-1.86)-珠穆朗玛峰 , January, 2006

CCAA: A Platform for Chinese Contemporary Artists -The award ceremony for the fourth, biennial Chinese Contemporary Art Awards (CCAA) took place on May 25, 2004. , January, 2006

Compelling Images of Distant Life. Video as Expansion of Reality-Chinese Video Art in the Haudenschild Collection by Martina K?ppel-Yang , Xu - January, 2006

Xu Zhen (Venice Biennale Catalogue)- by Monica Dematte , January, 2001
Passing Time with Xu Zhen- by By Simone Schiefke and Starfruit Liu , January, 2006

Reasons for the daydreaming proletariat- by Chen Xiaoyun , January, 2000

Rhythmical Landscapes, Refrain and Horizons -Introduction to the exhibition by Per Bjarne Boym , September, 2005

Light as Fuck-The Drive for Diversity of Shanghai?s artists? community by Gu Zhenqing , January, 1980

Views from Onlooker?s Horizons: Labyrinth of Shanghai- by Lu Leiping , January, 2004

Super Absorbant
C-Print, 200 * 350 cm

8 channel video, synchronized

bus; 500*250*250 cm