9 small slowly rotating motors install under ceiling, some articles for daily use, local foods, were hanging by these small motors and rotated round and round. The suspenders were salty duck, bra, injection equipment, 2 drug bottles (a black and a fluorescent pink), roast chicken, calabash and lucky amulet(with Mao Zedong’s portrait), and several fast lunch boxes with foods were on ground.
2 Black lights, were also hanging under the ceiling,
3 paintings on Background, one was put on a wall, another twos were put on the other wall. Several focus lamps were put on ground towards the paintings,
Some animal figures were made by special plastic piper; this kind of plastic piper could reflect the fluorescence under the black lights. This kind of material were very popular used in China, especially southern China in early 1990’s, at the night club, ktv etc. the animal figures, like fish, shrimp, crab and also crocodile were put as advertising on neon signboard of seafood restaurant, for they cocked and served.,
On TV, the video was playing with a recorded program, it was about a screen electronic game in early 1990’s, there was a very popular game called Contra which was played with “Nintendo” family game marching, Someone played the game and recorded process, then showing on TV.

Xu Tan

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