About Memory of Home (2009):
Home becomes illusions,
My self is always flowing;
Nothing stays, not even my memory.
In my seemingly peaceful daily routine in London, my unconscious mind is always
daydreaming about going back to China…
It is a journey of the first person ‘I’. Through revisiting and re-imagining the changing
physical spaces that ‘I’ recognize as ‘home’, the work expresses a strong feeling of
suspicion, insecurity, uncertainty, and nostalgia toward the vanishing home. It
indicates a break of a cultural identity constructed through the notion of laojia, literally
means ‘the old home’. Traditionally implying a sense of root and collectiveness, laojia
is nevertheless breaking, facing China’s dramatic transformation and urbanization
since I was born.
This 10 minutes video work is part of my autoethnographic filming project in which I
explore possible ways to represent the complexity of the construction of my cultural
identity in the cross-cultural understanding.

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