Born in yangjiang, Guangdong,
Province ,China
Born in Aug. 27, 1974.
now live and work in Yangjiang
solo exhibition
Guangzhou Libreria Borges bookshop « A terror of sex »
Guangzhou C.G Art. Workroom, beautiful copy of human world
Group exhibition
an Ink Painting,Life & Taste¡The 5th International Ink Paiting Biennial of Shenzhen
Accumulation canton express next stop?Tang Contemporary Art,
Beijing ,China.
Infiltration?Idylls and Visions¡The second Space for Contemporary Ink Work
fengjian?contemporary art exhibition
Techniques of the visible?2004 Shanghai Biennale
Sojour hongkong?hongkong
Italy, The 50th International Art Exhibition of Biennale di Venezia
The 2nd Pingyao International Photography Exhibition
NewYork Art fundation « The Longmarch? A Walking visual Display
Pause?he Gwangju Biennale Exhibition »
Beijing?The Intercommunication Exhibition 0f China and Germany
HeXiangNing Art Gallery,ShenZhen City Slang
Archives and Warehouse,BeiJing Caught and Arranged-photography
Guang Dong Museum of Art?the young generation and the new Millennium International art Festival
New York « I love Chinese contemporary photography & video »
Gallerie Objektiv and Edition Cologne, Germany and Thailand etc.
Shanghai « beautiful like Materialism basement third ring road
Beijing post- sense sensibility alien bodies & delusion »

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