Commodity (Instruction Manual) Art Explanation

 » When we are informed of the use and benefit of certain products, we only then discover our need for those products.
Drinking alcohol out of a milk bottle can effectively eliminate the pain of heart broken men. You have probably never heard this before, but if the occasion arises, you should try it. Toilet paper rolls can be used to paint long pen and ink scrolls.
As no one in Chinese history has done this before, why don’t you hurry up and do it yourself?
Television commercials are always using this kind of tone to inform the public of what they need: anti-dandruff shampoo, belly-building airplanes, super absorbent paper towels, and new kitchen ideas Brand-name stockings on beautiful legs are almost synonymous with sexiness, but knowledge of another use of these stockings is also derived from television: in Hollywood cops and robbers movies, bank-robbers cover their heads with black stockings, holding a gun in the right hand, holding an open sack in the left hand, causing the bank clerks to stuff money into the sack with a more submissive attitude than usual. After seeing this, don’t you think that silk stockings on one’s head look cool? We are only willing to become consumers of a product once we know its use; no one would want to buy a product that he doesn’t know how to use.
The difference between artwork and merchandise is almost like the difference between well-sold and bad-sold: Merchandise with high prices is simply “art-I-field” merchandise, whereas art the is easy to sell is simply commercialized art.
Art sold under the guise of commercial merchandise and merchandise sold at in the name of art is a natural adjustment in a market economy, made in order to satisfy the ever-increasing material and spiritual needs of the masses. Babies’ diapers can be used to stuff the mouths of kidnapped women, sugar cubes can be used by young loves to increase your success in finding your lover, wearing rain-boots to an art gallery can increase one’s ability to understand believe it or not! »
Shen Shaoxiong

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