Born in 1967 in Heilongjiang, China.

Zhang graduated from Beijing’s Central Drama Academy in 1986 and was a leading figure in the collaborative artistic activities of the « Post Sense: Sensibility » Group of the late 1990s, together with other established artists such as Liu Wei, Zhu Yu and Qiu Zhijie. Zhang’s oeuvre explores the space where the normal and the abnormal, reality and the subconscious meet. With his training in stage and set design, it is not surprising to see the consistent reference to theatricality and spatial awareness in Zhang’s oeuvre. In his recent works, Zhang continues his performative exploration of time and space. Over the years, Zhang has participated extensively in exhibitions around the world, including ‘Farewell to Postcolonialism: the Third Guangzhou Triennial, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China, 2008; ‘Partial Zones’, Long March Space, Beijing, China (solo), 2007; ‘Buzz…,’ Multimedia performance, Taipei Museum of Art, Kao-Chung Museum of Art, Taipei, Taiwan, 2005.

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