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In his works, Yuan Yuan, born in 1972, graduated from the China Academy of Art, depicts scenes inspired from his own experiences, mixing multiple realities into an overgrown garden of unrelated elements. Layers after layers, details are accumulated, brushstrokes are erased to be replaced by new ones and rubbed into one common and unique surface, blurring beauty, fear, illusion and reality.

Objects and characters: travelers, TV announcers, teachers, drag queens, female policemen, murderers, etc., all played by one same actor, are agglutinated into the background, fixed onto a stillness in time.

“The Blind Men and The Elephant” is a story on prejudices, senses’ weaknesses and misunderstandings which result from them. Our vision field, partial, only enables us to have limited understandings of things: an issue faced day after day by the artist.

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