Born in 1966 in Beijing, China.

Yu graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Oil Painting from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 1988, and completed her Masters degree in 1995. Her artistic practice revolves around her personal experience as a woman, taking inspiration from both her own life and the lives of others around her.  The world that she creates through her art encapsulates a sense of time and memory that is intermingled in the delicate, often domestic scenes that she portrays, resulting in large-scale works that are personal and emotionally reflective. Only rarely in the entire history of Chinese art has the female point of view been depicted in such an understanding and understated manner. Yu regularly appropriates iconic western and eastern classical antiquity in the attempt to create artworks that are universal, transcending all cultural barriers. Her autobiographical approach to the art world, friends, family and personal experiences against the upheavals of recent Chinese history, give world-changing events a more human significance and puts private milestones into a much wider context.

As one of China’s most renowned female artists, Yu has exhibited extensively around the world and her works can be found in leading public collections, including Ludwig Gallery (Germany) and Singapore Art Museum.

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