Unlike other video artists, Yang’s works are more akin to the styles of Fluxus and performance art. In this work, a male fi- gure’s movements appear in 12 different orientations on 12 mo- nitors. In some of the images, this movement is defined by the blurring of light and the play of shadow on the moving figure. The notion of contradiction occurs here between the figure’s speech and action—each figure moves and, at the same time, utters, “Don’t move.”

What is fascinating about this incongruity is that each figure, with eyes closed, appears to speak to himself rather than to the viewer; his utterance resembles self-talk. When the 12 moni- tors show close-up views of the performers’ heads moving in different orientations, each image against its dark background creates a ghostly effect. The result is an intense, melodramatic eeriness for the viewer.


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