Artist statement – « When I was three years old, my grandfather began to teach me to calligraphy. Very often he was writing on a leaf fan, thereafter he would blacken the fan with the help of a kerosene lamp, then wipe away the traces of ink, so that the originally black characters turned white. I grew up with my grandfather. When I am writing calligraphy today, I too, rarely do it according to the rules. Even though I studied calligraphy for more than thirty years, I do not apply all these strict rules in my work. There is not one brushstroke that is not a mistake, all are wrong, not one is good, which makes them all har- mozing in the end. I used this method to write several thousand names; names of people I have met during my life-time, and who left a deep impression in my memory. To write a name, I just need a few seconds; but in this short moment, the most characteristic features of this person – his appearance, his voice and conduct – appear in front of my eyes and under my brush. »



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