ACMI_Yang-Fudong-Filmscapes_Exhibition-image_Credit-Mark-Gambino-(15) ACMI-Yang_Fudong-2015-045-Credit-Mark-Gambino ACMI-Yang_Fudong-2015-051-Credit-Mark-Gambino ACMI-Yang_Fudong-2015-052-Credit-Mark-Gambino NEWWOMEN_part1[15-29-12] NEWWOMEN_part1[15-30-00] NEWWOMEN_part2[15-15-56] NEWWOMEN_part2[15-16-31] NEWWOMEN_part2[15-19-28] NEWWOMEN_part2[15-19-31] NEWWOMEN_part2[15-19-47] NEWWOMEN_part2[15-19-52] NEWWOMEN_part2[15-20-04] NEWWOMEN_part2[15-20-28] NEWWOMEN_part3[14-03-20] NEWWOMEN_part3[14-03-26] NEWWOMEN_part3[14-03-47] NEWWOMEN_part3[14-06-44] NEWWOMEN_part3[14-10-42] NEWWOMEN_part4[13-06-39] NEWWOMEN_part4[13-07-10] NEWWOMEN_part4[13-22-35] NEWWOMEN_part4[13-22-47] NEWWOMEN_part4[13-47-23] NEWWOMEN_part4[13-47-55] NEWWOMEN_part4[13-48-02] NEWWOMEN_part4[13-48-07] NEWWOMEN_part4[13-48-40] NEWWOMEN_part4[13-49-01] NEWWOMEN_part4[13-49-27] NEWWOMEN_part5[13-53-58] NEWWOMEN_part5[13-54-04] NEWWOMEN_part5[13-54-08] NEWWOMEN_part5[13-54-42] NEWWOMEN_part5[13-54-44] NEWWOMEN_part5[13-54-48] NEWWOMEN_part5[13-54-53] NEWWOMEN_part5[13-54-58] NEWWOMEN_part5[13-55-02] NEWWOMEN_part5[13-55-09] NEWWOMEN_part5[13-55-20] NEWWOMEN_part5[13-55-25] NEWWOMEN_part5[13-55-50] NEWWOMEN_part5[13-56-09] NEWWOMEN_part5[13-56-13] NEWWOMEN_part5[13-56-16]Born in 1971 in Beijing, China.

Yang’s films and photographs articulate multiple perspectives. His works investigate the structure and formation of identity through myth, personal memory and lived experience. Each of his works is a dramatic existential experience and a challenge to take on. His work is open-ended and inconclusive, therefore open to individual interpretation. Each film and video is about the human condition. He mostly portrays his own generation of individuals in their late 20’s and early 30’s, young people who seem confused and appear to hover between the past and present. Yang’s work epitomizes how the recent and rapid modernization of China has overthrown traditional values and culture. He skillfully balances this dichotomy to create works endowed with classic beauty and timelessness. He seeks through multiple vignettes to offer the poetics of place and people as an alternative to the prominent politics of power.

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