Born in  1962 in Chongqing, China.

Xue (nee Weng Xuesong) graduated from the Painting Department of Chongqing Fine Arts School in 1985. Learning to paint from a very young age has prepared for him a well-grounded modeling skill. After experimenting with various contemporary art forms, he has recently returned to oil painting to explore the « vividness » and spirit pursued by the ancient Chinese literati. Garden rock and animals are two of his key subjects, in which he unveils a spiritual world where the atmosphere created by the painting is conversational with the soul of its creator. Following neo-realism, pop political, gaudy art and art brooding in the consumption and digital era, Xue’s painting represents a unique artistic style featuring the nature and individuality of Chinese culture. His signature series “Garden Rock” embodies the traditional and contemporary Chinese humanistic philosophies as well as high wisdom and essence of life.

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