artist-photo Artwork-no.-62---low-res Xu-Qu,--Route-Yellow-&-Blue-,-acrylic-on-canvas,-2013,-Tang-Contemporary-Art

Born in 1978 in Suzhou, China.

Xu graduated from Nanjing Art Institute in 2002 and completed a postgraduate program under Prof. John Armleder at the Braunschweig University of Art in Germany. A member of the art collective, GUEST, Xu’s solo career has also gone from strength to strength, with numerous exhibitions around the world. Xu’s oeuvre is characterised by their physicality: for his highly acclaimed video work, « Upstream », Xu and a friend navigated a rubber dinghy along the canals in Beijing, ending near the central government’s headquarters where they were stopped by the police. Such deliberate and symbolic action is a key method of expression in the artist’s work.

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