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Born in 1980 in Chicago, USA.

Born in Chicago and graduated with a BA in Art History and MA in Developmental Psychology from Stanford University, Wong’s Western upbringing sets him apart from other artists in dslcollection. Having moved back to Hong Kong in 2005, he now splits his time between Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Wong began exhibiting his works in San Francisco while completing his master’s thesis on developmental psychology. Through a variety of media and subject matters (installations, sculptures and videos), Wong explores the intricacies of his relationship with the environment (culturally, experientially and historically), set within fictionalised contexts. Wong is the co-founder of Embassy Projects and currently teaches sculpture at Virginia Commonwealth University. His recent exhibitions include the traveling exhibition “Troglodyte See the Light,” “A Passion for Creation” for the Louis Vuitton Fondation pour la Création, and the Hong Kong Sculpture Biennial. His videos have been screened internationally at the Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, LOOP Media Art Center, and Kunsthalle Wien.

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