image001 image002 image003 image004 Yu-Yang,-100-ML-Ink-and-1L-Water,-Side-View-2,-HR Yu-Yang,-100-ML-Ink-and-1L-Water,-Side-View,-HR

Born in 1979 in Harbin, China.

One of the leading new media artists working in Beijing, Wang regards technology as his primary medium.  “I am curious about how machines are made…I want to see the hope and life in ordinary objects, to make them breathe so the whole world will breathe with us.” His works, which range from highly conceptual installations to paintings, photography and video, explore the traditional Chinese philosophy of yin/yang, the relationship between 0 and 1, black and white, on and off. Over the years, Wang’s works have been exhibited in musems and triennials in China and Europe.

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