First exhibited to wide acclaim at the Saatchi Gallery in 2008, «Angel» is a life-size sculpture of what appears to be an angel, lying face- down on the exhibition room floor. The figure appears oddly human, and exhibits none of the ethereal, pure qualities of the «angels» of popular imagination. Instead he has a blunt, crude materiality. He is old, with weathered features and sunken muscles. His white mane falls loose and unkempt. His supple diapha- nous robe has collected above his knees, pre- sumably from a fall, revealing an unflattering view of his spindly legs. Oddly protruding from his gown are his ‘wings’, which more closely resemble large de-feathered chicken wings. Sun and Peng’s works have always begged questions of mortality. Here their beguiling humour masks this continued interest while potentially raising even wider philosophical questions.

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