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Gu Dexin:” I am concerned with the relationship between myself and others, or the relationship between the media and the people as individuals between the collective and the individual, or between majority and minority. How do people in society become what they are.

Bart De Baere/:”Could you illustrate it, like with one of your work?

Gu Dexin:” Let’s take Meat as an example in which I roll a little piece of meat between my fingers for days at a time.
Here, I am actually comparing the meat to something spiritual.
I myself be the meat sometimes and the hand at other time. I feel that sometimes we’re within the collective; and at other times are individuals. And the pinch is nothing but spiritual coercition

Fei Dawei:” You mean the relation between society and individuals”

Gu Dexin:” Absolutely! I think the coercion has already been highly refined as an approach.
Sometimes we are coerced, spiritually and mentally, as if we were nothing more than a piece of meat

In “All under heaven” Guy and Miriam ULLENS Foundation

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