A mirror boat (fully covered by plastic mirrors) is exhibited along the coast of Sai Kung in Hong Kong. The mirror boat accommodates one passenger per round (about 15 minutes). At a distance, an audience of 35 on a large boat watches the mirror boat. The large boat docks every hour for boarding.

At varied distances from the mirror boat, the audience on the large boat sees an intriguing interplay between the mirror boat and different times of the day. The little mirror boat just drifts on the horizon, confronting its own reflection. Its passenger speaks to the large boat through a wireless microphone. The audience in the large boat listens to his feelings at the time. This work seeks to present the aesthetic experience in the interaction between man and nature. It also tries to offer another model for public art which is conventionally material, physical and formal.

Literally portrays a sense of « floating » consists of a mirrored covered fishing boat reflected in the sea and against the sky. A figure inside the boat appears as if miraculously standing or gliding on surface of the water–the dazzling vessel a reflection of the sea and sky, remaining invisible to the eye, and helps shape our spacial experiences in Hong Kong. Of being between memory, dreams and place, or psychoanalysis of space, about my sense of place.

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