Born in 1977 in Xiaoyuan, China.

One of the most promising female conceptual artists in the Chinese art scene today, Hu first graduated from the prestigiou China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2002 with a degree in design. Hu’s art explores the inter-relationships of contrasting concepts, such as love and hurt; life and death; existence and absence; useful and useless, etc. One of her best-known work « A Keepsake I Cannot Give Away » (featured in Documenta12) was a typical example of her early exploration into such paradoxical concepts – the work consisted of embroideries on silk using her own hair as thread. Traditional Chinese imagery, metaphors for happiness in love and sexual parts of her own body thus evoked loneliness and ties of significance. To date, Hu’s personal and sometimes organic objects and materials – thread, compacted clothes, old furniture – have provided media for installations in which intimate feelings surface.

In addition to her two solo exhibitions at Beijing Commune, she was also included in « Potent Force: DuanJianyu | HuXiaoyuan” (Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum, 2013), The Ungovernables – New Museum Triennial », (New Museum, New York, 2012), “Documenta12”, Kassel, Germany in 2007 , “Mahjong – Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection” at Kunstmuseum in Switzerland in 2005.

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