Ge Guanzhong (b. 1977) received his MFA from Beijingʼs Xu Beihong Art College of Renmin University in 2008. Brought up in an artistic family and meticulously trained as a traditional ink painter, he has gradually shifted his style and subject matter to reflect the massive changes in modern Chinese society. His graphic compositions and aggressive use of vivid colors distort classical subjects and contribute to the rapid evolution of contemporary ink painting. Of recent note, Premier Wen Jiabao selected a painting by Ge Guanzhong as a national gift for the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2008.
Stacey Duff writes, ¡°Along with a handful of other gongbi painters© including Xu Lei, Wei Dong and Lv Peng© the artist incorporates classical training with contemporary reality. Ge¡¯s gongbi paintings are executed in zhong cai ¡°brilliantly colored¡±pigment. The work mingles skyscrapers and evergreens, hills and water pipes. An angel¡¯s wings surrealistically explode into a flock of
cranes. ¡®Classical Chinese painters focused on nature because they lived in nature,¡¯ says Ge, ¡®but today we live in a different, and very urban, landscape.¡¯¡± ¨C excerpt from TimeOut Beijing,

December 2009

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