Born in 1981 in Dalian, China.

After completing his BA at LuXun Academy of Fine Arts in 2004, Dong went on to graduate from ENSA-Bourges, France, with a DNAP (2009) and DNSEP (2011). Currently living and working in Beijing, Dong represents China’s young generation of abstract artists. Since 2008, Dong has illustrated an elaborate, composed and poetic world of abstraction simply using a marker pen. His unique technique was actually borne out of an accident – a stack of paper soaked through by a marker pen left uncapped. While this technique of « diffusion » is relatively unknown in Western painting, it is quite common as an assisting technique in Chinese painting, typically to highlight expressions. Dong’s paintings start from a single point with each grid constructed through perfectly timed diffusion of the ink; this precision demands a mastery of in-the-moment discretion and affinity from the artist.

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